Email Scams Every Accountant Should Protect Against

Running an accounting firm keeps you busy, and you probably don’t spend much time thinking about cybersecurity or fraud on a daily basis. However, scammers can target any business — including accounting firms — and if you’re not informed about what a scam attempt looks like, you could easily fall victim to fraud or hand […]

What’s a password manager and how does a password manager work?

Easily managing all of your sign-in information securely is one of the main benefits of a password manager. We all have a tendency to reuse the same passwords and let our guard down for websites which we deem to be unimportant for our cybersecurity. On banking websites we might be on our best behavior but […]

Use these tips to not become a phishing scam victim

Andrew Lassise explains common phishing scam techniques in this podcast episode and how you and your accounting firm’s employees can make sure not to fall victim. You can read the article, listen to the podcast below or anywhere you listen to podcasts. A YouTube video of the podcast recording is also available here and below. […]